Dr Naseem along with LSDC Healthcare are proud to be working alongside the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust to deliver follow-up healthcare to their members. 

We are working collaboratively with the charity to improve access to medical advice following the outcome of an abnormal result found from their renowned network of blood testing sessions in communities across the country. 


If you have undertaken a PSA (prostate specific antigen) or any other blood test with GFCT and received an Amber or Red letter, then Dr Naseem can assist you in managing this result. 

For further information about PSA testing from GFCT (mypsatests) click here

We always encourage you to speak to your own NHS GP as they have access to your medical records, however, if this is not possible then we would be happy to assist.  

The cost of the 15 minute appointment is £75 (currently reduced by 15% to £63.75 until September 30th 2024) the appointment can be delivered remotely or face-to-face at the LSDC clinic in Liverpool Street, London. 

During the appointment, Dr Naseem will be able to access your blood results from GFCTs database and discuss the findings, and any relevant medical history. He can help devise a plan and if required write to your NHS GP, or refer you to a private Urology Specialist if you have health insurance or wish to self-fund. We also have a self-fund MRI package that aims to get you results as quickly as possible and reduce costs. 


If your PSA result is elevated for your age, we recommend you follow this up immediately with your NHS GP. If you wish to proceed privately, we have a few options available. 

We are working with our in-house LSDC consultant Mr Ahmed Ali (Consultant Urologist)and his colleagues to deliver a seamless pathway. Dr Naseem can refer you privately if you have private health care insurance. 

If you wish to undertake the tests needed to understand if your abnormal PSA level is of concern, then we have developed an MRI package below which helps reduce the cost of accessing private healthcare. See below for further information.