Medical Team

Dr Maan Hasan, MB ChB, DA, FRCA

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine

Professional background

Dr Hasan is a consultant anaesthetist, lead bariatric anaesthesia and previously lead anaesthesia for enhanced recovery for colorectal surgery. Appointed at UCH in 2007. Previously at St Mark’s and Northwick Park Hospital. Trained in the Bristol rotation as registrar, University of Bristol as researcher, and St Thomas and Great Ormond St hospitals rotation as senior registrar.

Examiner for the FRCA (2002 – present) and Editor for CPD Anaesthesia Journal (1999 – present). Recipient of Cutlers prize for innovation in surgery in 2007, judged by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Research interests

Research and systematic review in clinical anaesthesia


Paper publications: more than 40, mainly in the clinical areas; regional anaesthesia, airway management and colorectal and obesity anaesthesia

Patent publications: USA patent 7175608 (2007) and UK patent GB2366729B (2004) for technological developments in anaesthesia

Books: co-authored six, all in clinical anaesthesia including 3 as aids to postgraduate examinations

Electronic publications: authored MCQ Anaesthesia SimulatorTM, CD Rom, 6 editions (1997-2006), and Virtual Anaesthesia Tutor®, CD Rom and Network, 4 editions (2001-2007)

Current and Recent professional positions

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine at University College London Hospitals (2007-present), the London Clinic (1994-present), the Wellington Hospital (1998-present) and Clementine Churchill Hospital (1994-present)

Lead Bariatric Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine, University College London Hospitals, 2007-2017

Lead Bariatric Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine, Streamline Surgical, National Weight Loss Surgery Centre (2007-present), UK

CPD Assessor for the Royal College of Anaesthetists (2013-present), UK
Member of the Intellectual Property Board at the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust (2004-present), UK Royal College of Anaesthetists Examiner for the Final FRCA (2007-2013), UK
Royal College of Anaesthetists Examiner for the Primary FRCA (2002-2007), UK
Editorial Board, CPD Anaesthesia Journal (1999–2013), UK

Lead Anaesthesia for Enhanced Recovery for Colorectal Surgery, North West London Hospitals and University College London Hospitals (2005 – 2009), UK

Consultant Anaesthetist, North West London Hospitals, encompassing the following positions; audit lead, research lead, college tutor, and member of the regional Advisory Committee (1994-2007), UK

Previous positions for specialist training

Senior Registrar, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, 1993-1994
Senior Registrar, The National Hospital for Sick Children (Great Ormond St Hospital), 1992-1993 Senior Registrar, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, 1991-1992

Lectureship/Research Fellowship, University of Bristol, 1990-1991 Registrar, Bristol Hospitals Rotation, 1989-1991


1) Recipient of the Nuffield Prize, the FRCA’s first place prize, 1990
2) Co-Recipient of the Clarke Medal and Cutlers Prize for Best Innovation in Surgery, judged by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2007
3) Awarded all available Local Clinical Excellence Awards (9 awards), by the North West London NHS Trust Local Committee, in the span of 1997 to 2003
4) Awarded the National Clinical Excellence Award by the Department of Health, 2005
5) Granted UK, USA and Canadian Patents for Innovations in Anaesthesia, Peri-Operative Medicine and Surgery in the span of 2000-2008


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