Stuart McDonald

Specialist Dietitian


As a Specialist Dietitian with an emphasis on Complex Obesity and Diabetes management, I have dedicated the past 14 years of my life to nutrition and have helped many people achieve improved health throughout this time.

Currently, I work both inside and outside the NHS with a special focus on helping people to improve their quality of life. I help individuals improve all aspects of health, ranging from mobility and cholesterol levels to self-image and achieving a healthy relationship with food. A specific area of focus for me is assisting type 2 diabetes patients to achieve remission.

I began my career by completing my BSc (Hons) in Public Health Nutrition at Abertay University, which led me to further my studies with a PgD in Dietetics from Glasgow Caledonian University. Alongside my studies, I worked as a Personal Trainer to gain further experience working with people who had a wide range of goals and aspirations. Early on in my career, I supported people with varied medical conditions who struggled with their eating, whether they needed to gain weight, maintain their strength or improve side effects from other treatments. I then specialised in diabetes and weight management as soon as a role became available as I knew this is what I was passionate about. Today, my work encompasses all stages of the weight loss journey, from early intervention to pre-operative preparation for weight loss surgery.

There is nothing more rewarding than guiding lifelong dieters to sustainable weight loss. I am a firm believer that maintaining a healthy weight shouldn’t mean giving up the joy of food. Therefore, I aim to help people achieve lasting results while continuing to enjoy the foods and social occasions they love.


1. Liverpool St Digestive Centre

A couple of minutes outside Liverpool St Station, this excellent facility is conveniently located for private gastroenterology consultations in London. This facility is open during the evenings making it an excellent choice for busy professionals.  

23 Widegaste St, E17HP 

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